Anglo Lift Ltd. is expanding it's lift consultancy services.

Consultancy services to the Lift Industry.E lobby escalators

Our experience in the UK Lift and Escalator sector has given us a platform to use in consultancy for new-build housing and multi-use building developments and refurbishment of existing buildings.

We can provide scope and specifications for systems of lift groups at the planning stages of projects, and during  the installation phases we will advise when specifications change and importantly, schedules for installation become altered due to other construction delays.

We consult on projects both with and without our own lift or escalator installations, and we specialize in any reverse-engineering that can be required when projects and contractors change.

Our experience at the early stages can save delays and extra costs during lift and escalator installations, often suggesting ways to allow leeway for extra tolerances when designing openings and plantrooms. 

We can work with you on the following:

  • Tenders and Costing
  • Design and specifications
  • Plant room integration
  • Interior and exterior designs and finishes
  • Choosing lift technologies
  • Accessibility
  • Escalator and Walkway systems

Our rates are on a by-project basis and we work frequently on projects that already have installations and partly-installed systems in place.



To discuss any projects you have in development, or for advice on problem solving, please call us.
Tel: 01959 534453